About Us

Our focus has always been on providing a wide variety of options for mainstream jewelry customers who seek excellent value in exquisite jewelry. For this reason, we provide much of our selection jewelry to meet our customers' tastes and expectations for quality and style. We also carry the very best in brand-name jewelry, including watches, allowing us to offer our customers a wide assortment of products within a wide a price range.

We showcase a wide array of classic and contemporary styles. Not only do we offer diamond fashion jewelry, we also sell gold pieces, cultured pearls and a considerable wedding jewelry collection. In fact, it is this extensive bridal selection that represents the bigger chunk of our business.

We aim to provide our customers with the convenience and ease of shopping online providing yet another channel to make a jewelry purchase an enjoyable experience. Attempting to make a normally complicated process of choosing quality jewelry and accessories smooth through personalized customer service and an on-site experience that changes the intimidating to a comfortable and easy checkout you can trust.

We have gathered together some of the best and most sophisticated minds in retail to give you the most innovative and customer focused buying experience for jewelry online. Given the right focus and direction we aim to grow to be a household name that people trust and prefer for all of their jewelry needs.

Since our inception, we have driven improvements and set standards in the jewelry industry. With our commitment to offering super simple credit options and user friendly shopping through our online store, we continue to be ahead of the pack when it comes to online jewelry sales.